How To Find A Cheap Hotel In Vegas – Planning Your Stay

Las Vegas can be a very expensive city and that is why when traveling there you need to do whatever you can to find the cheapest hotel In Vegas. Something that most people don’t know is that Las Vegas is there for one reason and one reason only, to make money through gamblers. The hotel industry in Las Vegas isn’t the most lucrative but they do offer some great deals when the time is right.

In the last article I showed you how you can get great deals if you book your reservation during the week, stay during the week and also by making the hotels batter for your business. In this article I will show you some other methods that you probably have never even heard of.


  1. Stay for a full week – I know this may sound silly especially if you were only planning on staying for a couple days, but if you plan to stay in Las Vegas for 4-5 days you might get a better rate if you stay for an entire week. The way this works is you call the hotel that you want to stay at and ask for their weekly rate for the week you want to stay there. I can almost bet you that they will give you a deal where your room rate comes out to be about as much as it did when only staying for 5 days.


  1. Book in advance – If you are planning to travel to Vegas then I recommend paying for your room and flight much sooner because hotels and airlines always like to get money for something that they won’t have to commit to until a later date. If this doesn’t really make sense to you don’t worry about it, just know that booking your reservations early will mean a substantial savings.

Something that I always try to do is book my vacations at least 1 month prior to leaving and the reasons for that area because I get a better deal and I also have enough time to plan out my vacation. There is nothing worse than going on vacation and not knowing what to do or anything about the city you are in and when it comes to Las Vegas there is so much to do and see that you really need to do a diligent job of planning the trip.

If you are not exactly sure what you can do in Las Vegas then now is the time to learn, in the next article I am going to show you how to find cheap lodging in Las Vegas as opposed to just cheap hotels. The once thing I strongly recommend that anybody who is looking for cheap hotel is to not stay too far downtown. There are hotels there that are rented on a hourly basis and aren’t in the best part of town. Just stick to what you are learning right here and you will be able to find a great deal on a wonderful room.