Las Vegas Hotel Review

How to spend time in Las Vegas?

If you plan to stay in Las Vegas then you have made a wonderful decision. Las Vegas is full of entertainment and fun. The only thing Las Vegas is missing is the beach, oh wait, there are man-made beaches a few of the hotels.

Since I have been to Las Vegas many times and stayed at most of the Hotels I have a very good understanding of what they have to offer and which hotel is right for the amount of money that they charge. If you want to see exactly what you can do at each hotel then keep reading because I am about to give you quick review of 3 hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand


The MGM Grand is perhaps the most well-known casino in the world for many reasons. MGM owns many casinos all over the world and because of that they have a very high and well-known reputation. Something I love about the MGM Grand are all the different types of entertainment they have there such as the shows, boxing, and conventions. The MGM Grand is more than just a hotel and casino, they are a full blown city behind walls.


The thing I love about the Stratosphere is the fact that it not only has a very nice hotel and casino but it also has a lot of things to do for entertainment such as; the Big Shot, SkyJump, and a few other very well known rides. Another thing I like about the Stratosphere is the fact that you can get a very good deal on one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas simply because it isn’t located in the middle or the Las Vegas Strip. The casino and hotel is located at the end of the strip and because of the more people are willing to stay there for the cheaper costs because they can get a full view of the strip at night, which isn’t something any other hotel can offer.

Golden Nugget

Something most people don’t know about the Golden Nugget is that it was one of the very first casinos and hotels in Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget is more for adults because it is located in the older part of Las Vegas, Fremont Street which mostly consists of clubs and casinos. There is so much to do around the Golden Nugget such as seeing the Fremont Street Experience which is a lightshow that is about 90 feet overhead and stretches over 4 blocks long. This is truly something to see when you are on Fremont Street because you won’t ever see anything like it anywhere else in the world. Just remember that if you have small children who can’t gamble and drink then the Golden Nugget probably won’t be the best place to be, it is geared more for the adult gambler.

All three of the hotels and casinos are great but the biggest different between them all is the price. The most expensive on is the MGM Grand and the cheapest one is the Golden Nugget. Don’t get me wrong when I say it is the cheapest one, it is still a very nice hotel and casino.